What is a sample sale?

Designers wanting to liquidate stock at a fast pace will hold sample sales. Brands (both high and Low) will hold sample sales in rented venues, hotel conference rooms etc. The highlight of the sample sale is the deep discounts you get. Often time the percentage of discounts will reduce each day of the sale. If your lucky enough you can find items from current seasons but its usually past season goodies up for sale. Sample sales tend to last only a few days and once an item is gone there is no grantee of it being restocked.

When are sample sales?

Although I’ve heard of sample sales I didn’t know where to find them ahead of time. Thanks to great sites like NYCracked, Samplesally, and Lazarshopping, I can track all the current sample sales. Some sample sale venues have social media accounts that also feature sale dates and times.


MCM had there ever popular sample sale a few weeks ago. This was the first time I’d attend, and my third time going to a sample sale. I went on Friday (the third day of the sale). There was no line, I checked in my bag, and bam I was in.  There was a good selection of bags, backpacks, scarves, clothing, small leather goods etc. There was a crowd but every one was civil for the most part.  I picked up three items. I originally just wanted to go the last day but I’m so glad I went on Friday. I also went on Sunday( last day of the sale) being a novice I didn’t know what to expect. I got there at 11AM when the sale started, there was a line. I waited on that line for two hours only to go and see nothing I liked. But it was a good experience overall. I made friends while waiting and learned a few things about sample sales in general. What was even greater satisfaction was learning that MCM’s website is currently is featuring some items that were at the sale.While the website is offering a 20% discount I still saved more buy purchasing at the Sample Sale.







These items could be found at the MCM Sample Sale for a cheaper price.



1.Wallet- This was one item I kept forgetting original sale price after some research on line I believe this it’s original price ranged from $200-$350 (USD).

Sample sale Price: $148.00 (USD).



2.Wrislet-They had this in large but I thought the large was a bit much so I opted for medium. Original price: $330.00 (USD).

Sample sale price:  $99.00 (USD)



3. Swing pack. – This was my favorite find because I was going to buy this swingpack last year when they were having a winter sale. I debated until I didn’t see it on the website. Low and behold it was sitting there on the shelf that Friday afternoon asking me to buy it. Original Price : $550.00 (USD)

Sample sale price: $165.00 (USD)


I spent almost $500.00 (USD) which for me is still pricey but considering the Brand and the orginal cost of one of the items I purchased I believe I did very well.


Sample Sales are a great way to shop for quality items at a great price.

Happy Shopping.




Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July


Pink top
$7.76 –

Rag & bone denim shorts

Nars cosmetic

The Pineapple Co brass tumbler
$45 –

Can I bring Pizza on a Plane?

The answer is yes according to the TSA website.

Early this February I went to Chicago for my mother’s birthday. I really wanted to stay the weekend but due work I could only stay the day. Really it wasn’t even a entire day just a few hours, but I was determined to go.

I had an early flight the only good thing was my family and I were upgraded to business class which was a first for me. I only took advantage of the comfort it offered because I fell asleep before we left our gate.



I was  taught that Chicago was a planned city, architectural  gem and a melting pot of cultures. It’s safe to say I was excited to see the city for the first time.

I found that transportation was seamless . From the Airport we took a train to get to our first destination. Bus schedules were clear and concise. Taxis were abundant and when in doubt I could use apps like Uber or Lyft.

Because time was of the essence I did the most touristy things with my mom because we enjoy that sorta stuff. BTW did I mention that it was freezing cold, that really was the only downside but we made the best of it.

First Stop- Willis Tower or as I prefer to call it Sears Tower.


Second Stop-Millennial Park/ The Bean


Third Stop-  Early Dinner (Deep Dish Pizza)


We couldn’t finish the pizza but it seemed like such as waste. Then my brother and I thought “can we bring pizza on a plane?” After some quick research it seemed like we could. We’d at least give it a try.

We did walked around the the well known Magnificent Mile but had a six ‘clock flight to catch so we headed back to the airport.

I would love to visit Chitown again preferably in the Spring/Summer months.


We had no troubles bringing pizza on our flight!


Day trip to D.C

It’s 21 days into the new year, and I’m happy to say that I haven’t wasted any time on my quest to travel more. My best friend and I took a spur of the moment trip to Washington, D.C. It was my first time in my Nation’s capital so I was kind of hyped. Even with snow showers and winds that slapped me crossed my face I made the four hour trek from New York to Washington.

1st stop: Brunch at Art and Soul/

Located-The Liaison Capitol Hill, 415 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Here my bff and I had Chicken and Waffles with a twist. It was my first time eating the poultry and doughy combo and I must say it was delicious.




For drinks we had mimosas & bellinis



Chicken and Waffle with a maple glaze.

2nd stop Library of Congress & Supreme Court

3rd stop the Smithsonian


4th stop National Mall ( Lincoln memorial and Washington memorial )

5th stop Dinner at King Bird located in the iconic Watergate Hotel.

The hotel had a sleek look with distinct 60’s vibe.








5th stop The White House & The Hamilton for Dessert.

I really enjoyed dining at the Hamilton it is a gorgeous venue with ample space. At 10pm they open their upstairs bar and they have free live music performances.



St.Louis Gooey Cake w/ Chocolate sauce and Vanilla ice cream.


Before heading home we stopped at The Diner for a late night/early breakfast -The Diner is A 24/7 Diner located at 2453 18th st. NW Washington, DC.


For my first time in D.C I had a wonderful time.