Mall of America


Last month I spent a weekend in Minnesota, where I got a chance to shop at the famous Mall of America. I took the 2hr and 30 min flight with my family. As a avid shopper I’ve always wanted to visit the shopping mecca.






If you don’t know about this massive mall let me throw some details your way:
1. The mall holds about 520+ stores.
2. The mall features an amusement park/aquarium.
3. About 40 million people visit the mall.

The Mall of America does have a hotel conveniently located inside the facility but my family and I stayed at Courtyard by Marriott. I got a king suite for $80.00(USD).It was nice hotel about a few mins away from the airport and was about 7 mins away from the mall via car. An added bonus was the hotel offered a free shuttle to and from mall/airport.

Minnesota does not have any sales tax on clothing and shoes, so it’s a good place for shopping. As far as everything else taxes were higher than what I’m used to. I stopped in a few stores. One of my more notable purchases wasn’t any clothing or shoes but rather from makeup brushes from the Sigma store.


When it came to dining options we couldn’t decide. I settled for Panera Bread for lunch, because I always get Panera Bread when I’m at the mall. Cowboy Jack’s Saloon was our restaurant of choice for dinner and drinks. For my late night treat I got some Gelato at Paciugo Gelato.


I love shopping but walking around a mall for over seven hours can really drain a gal. At times I found my self walking in circles because the mall was so massive. Fortunately the mall has ample seating and resting areas.

There is plethora of entertainment options for all ages. As I mentioned before there is a aquarium and amusement park but the mall also features Lego Land, Crayola World, arcade, comedy club and movie theater. At the moment the movie theater is  under construction. I decided to see a comedy show at the House of Comedy (which honestly was not the highlight of the trip but it was better than nothing).


Even if your not crazy on malls or shopping,  The Mall of America is definitely a place to visit!



I don’t think this will be our last trip to the Mall of America.

Here’s a look at somethings picked up in Minnesota:







As always thanks for checking out my blog.


Doughnut Run


So much for trying to lose weight!

Last week Krispy Kreme opened its first store in Jersey City . I’m more of a Dunkin Doughnuts kind of gal but I wanted to see the hype around the famous chain. I went the second day of opening because I heard the lines were horrible, but even after coming around 8pm there was a line. Granted the line was moving but I’d have to wait to taste awesomeness.


Krispy Kreme bakes its signature glazed doughnuts onsite, so you can view the frying/ glazing process. There was many unique flavors I ordered two dozen and a small hot chocolate for the road.

The most notable part of this doughnut run was the consumers. There were tons of people wanting to get these doughnuts. When I left the store the line had gotten remarkably longer.

Overall I enjoyed the sweet treats and look forward to going again!

P.S While on line everyone seemed to be downloading the Krispy Kreme App. Which allows you to rack points for rewards. I got the app which came with a free Glazed doughnut coupon code.

Have you ever tried Krispy Kreme?

-Michelle M