Can I bring Pizza on a Plane?

The answer is yes according to the TSA website.

Early this February I went to Chicago for my mother’s birthday. I really wanted to stay the weekend but due work I could only stay the day. Really it wasn’t even a entire day just a few hours, but I was determined to go.

I had an early flight the only good thing was my family and I were upgraded to business class which was a first for me. I only took advantage of the comfort it offered because I fell asleep before we left our gate.



I was  taught that Chicago was a planned city, architectural  gem and a melting pot of cultures. It’s safe to say I was excited to see the city for the first time.

I found that transportation was seamless . From the Airport we took a train to get to our first destination. Bus schedules were clear and concise. Taxis were abundant and when in doubt I could use apps like Uber or Lyft.

Because time was of the essence I did the most touristy things with my mom because we enjoy that sorta stuff. BTW did I mention that it was freezing cold, that really was the only downside but we made the best of it.

First Stop- Willis Tower or as I prefer to call it Sears Tower.


Second Stop-Millennial Park/ The Bean


Third Stop-  Early Dinner (Deep Dish Pizza)


We couldn’t finish the pizza but it seemed like such as waste. Then my brother and I thought “can we bring pizza on a plane?” After some quick research it seemed like we could. We’d at least give it a try.

We did walked around the the well known Magnificent Mile but had a six ‘clock flight to catch so we headed back to the airport.

I would love to visit Chitown again preferably in the Spring/Summer months.


We had no troubles bringing pizza on our flight!



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